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Do you like Football?


BENFICA Football Squeezers

What we do

We build worldwide fanbases

We help teams and clubs to reach their fans in a new way: a squeezer. A squeezer is a fruit flavored ice lolly branded by a club or team.
Icelollies have a positive association with both children and adults and what could be better than watching your favorite football club together and eating a Football Squeezer from your own club at the same time.

For the best teams in Europe we have developed their own branded ice popsicle, delivered in its own club colours, with self-chosen flavors and its own club packaging. These ice creams are available in the stadium, supermarkets and wholesalers, among others.

our product

Each club has its own Squeezer!

We develop popsicles with a fresh combination of two fruity flavors for sports clubs. These flavors are put together after a tasting and finally determined. Each club can thus compose its own unique taste.

We would like to contribute to a positive brand experience and a popsicle fits in perfectly with this. An easy, accessible product that everyone likes.

A healthy snack

Ice pops with fruit flavours

We think it is important that a snack is healthy. So low in calories, as many natural ingredients as possible and without added sugars.

An ice pops ensures that a sports club is also visible in the supermarket, catering or sports canteen. This creates a bond with a new target group.

Our mission & vision​

Broadening the
brand experience​

Brands of top sports organizations are hardly visible in supermarkets, amateur clubs or catering establishments. We offer these brands the opportunity to broaden and deepen their brand experience. We are now doing this with an ice cream, but also with other FMCG products.

The top sports organizations in particular are also very positive about this initiative, on the one hand, this is an ideal way for them to further activate and deepen their fan base and on the other hand, it is a ‘healthy’ product to which they would like to link their name and logo.The ice creams are free of added sugars and have few calories.